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  1. Title Page, Dedication Page, Acknowledgements, Author’s Note, Opening Quote

  2. The Spirit of Hinman
    An essay from the author on the Spirit of Hinman.

  3. Short Biography of Harvey D. Hinman

  4. The Genesis of Hinman College (1946-1967)
    The story of the creation of Triple Cities College, The SUNY System, Harpur College, the development of collegiate structure at SUNY Binghamton, and the origins of Hinman College.

  5. The Fight to Preserve Collegiate Structure (1973-1976)
    The story of the New York State budget crisis in the mid-1970’s, Vito Sinisi and the Task Force on the Academic Development of the Collegiate Units, and a final analysis of collegiate structure at SUNY Binghamton.

  6. Pioneering Hinman
    This chapter chronicles the development of pioneering and innovative efforts in Hinman history.
    a. Prologue
    b. Self-Regulation
    c. Hinman College Judicial Board
    d. Apartment Style Living
    e. The Pet Policy
    f. Cooking Dorm (Roosevelt Hall)
    g. The Academic History of Hinman College
    h. Geodesic Dome
    i. Dynamo Monument
    j. Conclusion

  7. Student Government
    This chapter chronicles the growth and development of the Hinman College Council throughout Hinman history.
    a. Prologue
    b. HCC: The Early Years
    c. HCC in the Early 1970’s
    d. HCC in the Mid-1970’s
    e. The Rolnick Administration
    f. The Pomerantz Administration
    g. The Horowitz Administration
    h. The Greenlees Administration
    i. The Fischer Administration
    j. HCC in the Early 1980’s
    k. The Capp Administration
    l. HCC in the Mid-1990’s
    m. The Kittenplan Administration
    n. HCC in the New Millennium
    o. The Legacy of HCC

  8. Co-Rec Football
    This chapter chronicles the growth and development of Co-Rec Football throughout Hinman history.
    a. Prologue
    b. Bob Giomi and the Origins of the Sport
    c. The 1972 Season
    d. The 1973 Season
    e. The 1974 Season
    f. The 1975 Season
    g. The 1976 Season
    h. The 1977 Season
    i. The 1978 Season
    j. The 1979 Season
    k. The 1980 Season
    l. The 1981 Season
    m. The 1982 Season
    n. The 1983 Season
    o. The 1984 Season
    p. Later Seasons
    q. The 2003-2006 Seasons
    r. Co-Rec Today and its Legacy

  9. Community Theater (Hinman Little Theater [HLT] and Hinman Production Company [HPC])
    This chapter chronicles the growth and development of Community Theater in Hinman history.
    a. Prologue
    b. HLT Years (1971-1979)
    c. HPC Years (1979-Present)
        i. Prologue
        ii. Part I: (1979-1983)
        iii. Part II: (1983-1989)
        iv. Part III: HPC in the 1990’s
        v. Part IV: HPC In the 21st Century
        vi. Part V: Traditions and legacy of HLT/HPC

  10. Lehman Hall Fire
    This chapter chronicles the story of early fires in Hinman history, the Lehman Hall Fire and its aftermath, and subsequent fires in later Hinman history.

  11. Hinman Ghost Stories
    This chapter covers tales of the supernatural in Hinman College history.

  12. Hinman Arts and Leisure
    This chapter tells the story of the arts and entertainment in Hinman history.
    a. Prologue
    b. Hinman Follies
    c. Chamber Music in the Hinman Commons
    d. Oktoberfest
    e. Movies in the Residence Halls
    f. The Hinman Deli
    g. Bus Stop and Rockefeller Room
    h. Bandemonium
    i. Open-Mic Night
    j. Conclusion

  13. Hinman Traditions
    This chapter chronicles the growth and development of Hinman College traditions.
    a. Prologue
    b. Dorm Wars
    c. Hysteria
    d. Hinman Semi-Formal
    e. Student-Faculty Potluck
    f. Hinman Fellows' Lunch
    g. Other Traditions
    h. Conclusion

  14. Hinman Publications
    This chapter chronicles the evolution of Hinman College publications.
    a. Prologue
    b. West Harpur Other
    c. Soliloquy
    d. Halitosis
    e. The Quickie and The Grip
    f. Dynamo (Hinman Yearbook)
    g. Conclusion

  15. Funny Hinman Stories and Pranks
    This chapter chronicles amusing tales of pranks and humorous situations that occurred in Hinman.

  16. Biographies of Faculty Masters
    a. Prologue
    b. Christian “Pete” Gruber (1967-1973)
    c. Vito Sinisi (1973-1981)
    d. Al Haber (1985-1990)
    e. Nick Sterling (1981-1985, 1990-1998)
    f. Al Vos (1998-Present)
    g. Conclusion

  17. What Hinman Means to Me…
    What Hinman has meant to students, faculty and staff over the years.

  18. Epilogue
    A final word from the author on his experiences in Hinman College and the writing of its history.

  19. Appendices
    a. Lists of: Assistant Director (formerly called Area Coordinator), Resident Director (formerly called Head Resident), Resident Assistant (RA), Discovery Assistant (DA) Staffs, HCC E-Boards, Hall government representatives of individual buildings, Den of Distinction and Harvey D. Hinman award winners, semi-formal themes, Dorm Wars and Hysteria themes and placements, primary sources, pictures etc.

Harvey D. Hinman (1864-1954)